NVOCC CLUB brings various kinds of benefits to NVOCC, Freight Forwarders or other service providers relating to the international transportation

Assistance for applying forwarding business license to the authorities
The Japanese law requires anyone who starts operating international cargo forwarding business in Japan to register with Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism furnished with various documents including Conditions of Carriage.
You can get our support service to register with the authorities. <Details 1>

Use of the NVOCC CLUB’s Bill of Lading
The CLUB members can utilize our Bill of Lading approved by the authorities for the member’s own Conditions of Carriage. <Details 2>

Covering marine cargo insurance with the Bill of Lading
You can insure marine cargo insurance for the cargo owners easily, with use of embedded program in NVOCC CLUB’s Bill of Lading. <Details 3>

Access to overseas forwarding agents through our global network
When you provide an international transportation service for the cargo owner, how do you access to a local agent at the destination? We are sure to introduce you the most convenient overseas local agent.   <Details 4>

Other Services